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Pagan's (and any one else) discussing Politics

Pagan's discussing Politics, Current Events etc
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This community was set up in March 2003, during the Iraq War - a lot of discussion had been ongoing in various Pagan specific forums, but occasionally without sticking to the point of the LJ (Paganism or whatever).

So this is a place to discuss politics, current events and like subjects that do not have to be directly related to Paganism, Wicca or whatever other path you follow.

It will be lightly moderated because I don't have the time to read all and every post. I expect people to disagree, possibly passionately.

But that is the point of this forum - Dove or Hawk or Ostrich, feel free - but keep it above the belt.

1] Keep it above the belt
2] If I whinge about [1] be reasonable.
3] I get to add more if [1] & [2] arn't enough.

Blessed be.


If you really need to contact me go to this post and leave a comment, but be aware I may not get the mail for 24 hours.

I am sorry but I cannot read posts or comments in cryllic so they are likely to be ignored or blocks.if they come to my attention.