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Project American Dissention from a friend

This evening I came up with a very interesting idea as I was driving home from work. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a cooperative news site where all the articles were written by everyday people like you and I? People would be able to submit articles on events ranging anywhere from the environment to government policy. No one would be discriminated against, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation nor even political affiliation.

All articles would undergo rigorous fact-checking by a team of people whom have no personal agenda, no social lives, and WAY too much free time on their hands. Say, for example, someone writes an article about NY State Senator Chuck Schumer (just using him as an example; I voted for the guy). To confirm the article, we would even go so far as to call the Senator's office ourselves for confirmation, if necessary. It would be a news organization truly run by the people. I call it Project: American Dissention, and it would be totally not-for-profit. What do you guys think? I, for one, am tired of hearing about important news that affects us, finding out that no one knows about it, and then wondering why the heck none of the major news networks are covering it. Any comments are welcomed and encouraged, especially if you'd even be interested in submitting articles to something like that.
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