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GOP Helps Get Nader on the Ballot

So a while back, when Nader announced he was running, I was pissing and moaning because he had a great deal to do with Bush winning the election in 2000. Well, it was my opinion and while I had some info to back it up, there were no definite conclusions to be drawn.

Now, the Republicans are openly admitting that they are working to help get Nader on the ballots in several battleground states. Why on earth would they do that? BECAUSE A VOTE FOR NADER IS A VOTE FOR BUSH.

I've bolded the statements in the article that are related to this POV.

Nader qualifies for Nevada ballot
CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Ralph Nader has qualified as an independent presidential candidate in Nevada, with election officials determining his supporters turned in 8,681 valid petition signatures. He needed at least 5,000 signatures.

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader turned in 8,681 valid petition signatures, putting him on the Nevada ballot.

Secretary of State Dean Heller said Wednesday Nader needed a minimum of 5,000 signatures to gain ballot access in Nevada. His backers turned in 11,888 names in Washoe and Clark counties — Nevada's largest — but more than 3,000 were rejected as invalid.

Nader now must pay a $250 filing fee and complete a declaration of candidacy by Aug. 13. Heller said there's an Aug. 24 deadline for any challenges to his candidacy. Those challenges have to be filed in Carson City District Court.

While Nader has said he looks forward to campaigning in Nevada, many Nevada Democrats wish he hadn't qualified for the ballot here.

Former Rep. Jim Bilbray of Las Vegas, an early Kerry supporter and a leader of his Nevada campaign, says he's concerned that having Nader on the ballot could give President Bush a victory in the tight battle for this state's five electoral votes.

"It can, but I hope people realize that a vote for Nader is a waste of a vote. It's a vote for Bush," Bilbray said, adding, "People from 2000 have hopefully learned a lesson."

Bush got 49.5% of the Nevada vote in 2000, while Democrat Al Gore got 46% and Nader got 2.5% wen he ran as a Green Party candidate. A new CBS-New York Times poll says that nationally Kerry now has 45%, Bush 42% and Nader 5% in a three-way race.

State Democratic Party spokesman Jon Summers said that while Nader is on the ballot again in this state "Nevada voters are smart. They know this is part of a national Republican effort to get Nader on the ballot."

"Voters know a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush and they're not going to be fooled by these Republican games."

But Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese said the claim of GOP involvement is "total nonsense," adding, "We're asking both parties to stay out of our independent campaign."

Republican political consultant Steve Wark has said he helped to raise money for Nader to qualify, and did so solely to help President Bush's re-election campaign.

Wark also is working on the U.S. Senate bid of Richard Ziser and the re-election campaign of state Sen. Ray Rawson. His mother-in-law is Earlene Forsythe, Nevada Republican Party chairwoman.

"We never talked to him," Zeese said. "We never got any financial support from him. He's not involved in the campaign in any way, shape or form."

Zeese said the Nader campaign spent more than $15,000 in hiring a private signature-gathering company to get the names needed to qualify in Nevada. As for Wark, "we never saw the $30,000 he says he collected," Zeese added.

Nader has said that Democrats who see his independent campaign as a threat to Kerry's candidacy are afraid of the democratic process. He also said the Democratic-Republican party lock on the electoral system hurts the country.

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