Iris_Opal (iris_opal) wrote in pagan_politics,

The right to bear arms

The BBC webside announced US Senate backs gun industry bill which basically prevens victims of gun crime blaming the manufacturers or sellers of guns.

So it got me thinking - many Pagan's I know would like to use swords in their rituals, and do use knives. Many Pagans also have a profound and deep belief in the need for weapons as both ritual accessories and as part of their belief in the Warrior spirit.

How is this different from the right to bear arms as enshrined in the US constitution?

At what point do you put restrictions in place?

Personally - I have no problem with responsible weapon ownership - but how do you decide who is responsible enough? In small groups that was much easier, but these days you arn't licenced by people you know, and if you do go off the rails with a weapon, you don't usually kill the people that agreed to let you have the weapons.
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