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NY Times / Ohio AG ('06 candidate for Governor!) - All Asatru is White Supremacist

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There's a NY Times article snip that set someone off:
"The five Ohio inmates who brought the case belong to nonmainstream religions, including one, Asatru, that preaches that the white race needs to use violence and terrorism to prevail over the "mud races.""

Yet again, Asatruars get unfairly and unbiasedly smeared in the media as "racists". This time though, it is by the NY Times! Hundreds of heathens have sent their letters of anger and dissapointment. Please send in yours as well. Write to letters@nytimes.com , thank you.


Robert Shawn Rowland
Ingui Fréa, his friend and devotee
Carrie Rowland, her husband, lover, and best friend Wéohfodþegn of Hearth Rowland Dayton, Ohio, USA

It seems that NY Time has submitted a correction:
"An article on Wednesday about a Supreme Court decision upholding a law that requires prison officials to accommodate the religious needs of inmates included an incomplete description of the Asatru religion practiced by some inmates in the case. Based on the brief the Ohio attorney general submitted to the court, the article characterized Asatru as advocating violence by the white race against the "mud races." But other Asatru followers say that the use that some violent and white-supremacist prisoners make of the religion is a perversion of its peaceful and nonracist beliefs."

You can contact Ohio AG: Jim Petro (R) here. Or at his gubernatorial campaign page.
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