Miška (mschaos) wrote in pagan_politics,


there is a HUGE thing going on over in the pagan community...and they mentioned this community...yet I see no one is doing much here

which surprises me personally...as there is this huge amendment that W is trying to pass that would limit the rights of fellow human beings in the United States..and these are based on 'moral values'

and some may say that this doesn't effect them. which I find short sighted...yes, i may not folow the bible...but I will fight for someones right to do so.

how does this comare with being pagan? gee...maybe because this should not be an issue at all...the government should not be in out faith or in our bedroom...

some say i am paranoid and that it really can't happen to me...hell I am a straight(mostly) white female...but I happen to not to want to have kids and I am not christian...

I guess I just think if it can happen to one group of people, it could happen to another...some say that it could never happen in this age...

but i want to make sure it doesn't
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